Welcome to NonCorporate.org



Get the essentials of life from non-corporate sources:

We’ve co-ordinated ways that you can get the essentials of life below from non-corporate sources, and simplified the processes to help you do it. Good luck!


Food & drink
From community-supported agriculture to producing your own.


Energy & utilities
From community energy schemes to installing your own renewable systems.


Banking & money
From mutual societies and credit unions to local money and cryptocurrencies; no bailouts or loan sharks.


Free & open source software and Linux operating systems; no more harvesting of data.


Switch to the Phone Co-op for mobiles, landlines and broadband.


From housing co-ops to self-build; no landlords or corporate mortgages.


From worker-co-ops to self-employment; no bosses or making money from other people’s work.


From land co-ops and community land trusts to owning your own smallholding; let’s take the land back.


Everything else
From transport and clothes to books and electrical goods; let’s de-corporatise everything.