Everything else

The first port of call for anything else should always be local shops and business, including sole traders and co-ops, as it keeps money in your local community for longer. See here (it’s about food, but it applies to everything else too).

If you can’t find local suppliers, the Co-op or John Lewis / Waitrose (an employee-owned company) might have it. Find your local Co-op store here, and your local Waitrose store here, or shop online.

Then there’s Fairmondo. It’s a new, co-operative alternative to eBay. It’s small at the moment, but you can help it grow, by joining, buying and offering products and services.


From small soap and skin-care suppliers to making your own.


From independent bookshops to co-operative publishers.


Clothes & accessories
From non-branded, non-corporate clothes shops to making your own.


Electrical goods
From co-operative / independent sources, including second-hand.


Craft furniture-makers, independent businesses and co-ops.


Sustainable, independent holiday destinations.


Household products
From candles and cleaners to curtains and cushions – buy non-corporate or make your own.