Housing & land

Two-thirds of land in the UK is owned by just 0.36% of the population, and it is the increasing price of land that has made housing so expensive. Here are some options for taking back and getting onto the land, and ways that you can own your own home (by yourself or in partnership with others) without paying a private rent or a mortgage to a corporate bank:


Housing co-ops
Own your own home in partnership with other people.


Community land trusts
Community-owned land and housing.


Non-corporate mortgages
Own your own home via a mortgage with a mutual society.


Own your own home by building it yourself: there are many sustainable alternatives to cement & bricks.


Land co-ops
Invest in, join and/or become a smallholder with a co-operative designed to hold land.


Become a smallholder
How to get a smallholding and navigate the planning system to build a home on it.


The One Planet Development Policy in Wales
Wales has a ‘One Planet Development Policy’ that makes it much easier for individuals or organisations to build homes on their land.


Escape the rat-race and get onto the land by volunteering on organic farms & smallholdings for food & accommodation.