Welcome to NonCorporate.org



Get the essentials of life from non-corporate sources:

This site is for everyone who just doesn’t want to support multinational corporations any more. We’ve put everything in one place and made it really simple to switch, for (almost) everything you need. Good luck!


Food & drink
From community-supported agriculture to producing your own.


Energy & utilities
From community energy schemes to installing your own renewable energy systems.


Banking & money
From mutual societies and credit unions to local money and cryptocurrencies; no bailouts or loan sharks.


Free & open source software and Linux operating systems; no more harvesting of data.


Switch to the Phone Co-op for mobiles, landlines and broadband.


From housing co-ops to self-build; no landlords or corporate mortgages.


From worker-co-ops to self-employment; no bosses or making money from other people’s work.


From land co-ops and community land trusts to owning your own smallholding; let’s take the land back.


Everything else
From transport and clothes to books and electrical goods; let’s de-corporatise everything.