How to move away from multinational corporations



This site is for anyone who doesn’t want to support multinational corporations any more. We’ve put everything in one place and made it really simple to switch, for (almost) everything you need.

First, find out how non-corporate your life is:

Get your NonCorporate score

Then browse the categories below, and reduce your score by switching to the non-corporate sector.


Food & drink
From community-supported agriculture to producing your own.


Energy & utilities
From community energy schemes to installing your own renewable energy systems.


Banking & money
From mutual societies and credit unions to local money and cryptocurrencies; no bailouts or loan sharks.


Free & open source software and Linux operating systems; no more harvesting of data.


Switch to the Phone Co-op for mobiles, landlines and broadband.


From driver-owned taxi apps and co-operative buses and trains to cycling and walking.


It’s getting easier to access non-corporate, unbiased news and opinion sources.


Housing & land
From housing co-ops to self-build, and from land co-ops to your own smallholding.


From worker-co-ops to self-employment; no bosses or making money from other people’s work.


Everything else
From transport and clothes to books and electrical goods; let’s de-corporatise everything.


Then make amendments to your score, and then go back and find other ways to switch your custom to the non-corporate sector. Keep improving your score, and check your (and other people’s) score here.



Introduce friends & family

If you’ve got this far, you’re probably a ‘low-hanging fruit’ – you get it. We’ve found that most people prefer local businesses, sole traders, co-ops and social enterprises to to giant corporations; but most people are too busy to switch – which is where you can help. You probably know ten friends, family members or work colleagues who are supportive of the non-corporate sector, but will need a little nudge to change. Sit down with them, help them get their score, and help them switch. Who knows, when their score starts to come down, they may be enthused to do it themselves, and maybe even persuade others to switch too. Then we can really start to make a difference.



Spread the word

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