Can we build a platform co-op to challenge Über? Interview with Duncan McCann of the New Economics Foundation

Duncan McCann of the New Economics Foundation

Dave of / talks with Duncan McCann of the New Economics Foundation (see video below), about platform co-ops. Duncan is trying to start a taxi platform co-op called Faircab, to challenge Über. He’s trying to start in Brighton, after the licence in London was changed from £2.5k per year to £2.5 million!

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How the EU is causing problems for the ‘Preston Model’ of local, non-corporate procurement

I’ve often suggested that Western states are beginning to resemble an admin department for the corporate sector. They take corporate campaign donations, accept their jobs, listen to their lobbyists, and then manipulate their economies to service the needs of multinational corporations and banks, which includes allowing them to avoid tax, awarding them contracts, changing or […]

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We’re launching a national mutual credit scheme and here’s why we’d like you to join

Are you interested in joining a national mutual credit scheme?

We’re working with other groups, including, the Credit Commons Collective and author Tom Greco to build a UK-wide mutual credit network. Mutual credit is an old idea that could really take off in the age of the internet. We think it can help strengthen communities and support small businesses, at the expense of multinational […]

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