Banking & money

First, where to keep your money safe, but away from corporate banks, that need to be bailed out with enormous amounts of taxpayers’ money when they inevitably fail because of their greed:

Mutual / building societies Mutual / building societies

It’s a way to trade – to buy and sell things – without official currency.

Mutual credit Mutual credit

Mortgages, savings accounts and (sometimes) current accounts; owned by their members.

Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies

Currencies (like Bitcoin, for example) controlled by blockchain technology, not corporate banks.

Local / independent currencies Local / independent currencies

Use currencies that stay in your local community, instead of being sucked out by corporate branches.

Non-corporate investments Non-corporate investments

Invest in land co-ops, community energy etc. for a better return than from a bank savings account.

Credit unions Credit unions

Local co-operative savings & loan schemes: an alternative to loan sharks.