The first port of call for household goods should always be local shops and business, including sole traders and co-ops, as it keeps money in your local community for longer. Some of these local retailers might also be manufacturers, or they might sell products made by local manufacturers. Ask to see what they have. If you can’t find local suppliers, the Co-op or John Lewis / Waitrose (an employee-owned company) might have it. This is just the retail side of things though. There are no co-operative / non-corporate producers of large electrical goods like fridge-freezers or cookers at the moment, so that's one for the future.

Household products Household products

From candles and cleaners to curtains and cushions – buy non-corporate or make your own.

Furniture Furniture

Craft furniture-makers, independent businesses and co-ops.

Electrical goods Electrical goods

From co-operative / independent sources, including second-hand.

Clothes & accessories Clothes & accessories

From non-branded, non-corporate clothes shops to making your own.

Books Books

From independent bookshops to co-operative publishers.

Bodycare Bodycare

From small soap and skin-care suppliers to making your own.