Moving people and goods whilst minimising the amount of money we give to car, aviation and oil corporations (some of the most environmentally-damaging corporations on earth).

Reducing transport needs Reducing transport needs

Ideas on how to live happily without travelling as much.

Alternatives to the private car Alternatives to the private car

Transport that don’t require as much fuel per person, or maybe no fuel at all.

Alternative fuels & fuel efficiency Alternative fuels & fuel efficiency

Reduce the fuel you use or get it from non-corporate sources.

Taxis Taxis

Alternatives to Über and the so-called ‘sharing economy’.

Cycle courier co-ops Cycle courier co-ops

Sustainable and non-corporate – alternatives to Deliveroo etc.

Sail cargo Sail cargo

You can get things that can’t be produced in the UK, that have been brought here under sail.

Holidays Holidays

Sustainable, independent holiday destinations.