Food & drink

Below are various ways that you can get your food & drink from non-corporate sources. Not all of them will fit your circumstances, but using a combination of these sources, we think that you can get all of your food and drink without giving a penny to the corporate sector – better for the environment, your health and your local community.


iconcommsupagCommunity-supported agriculture
Linking consumers with local farms and smallholdings.


Farmers’ markets & direct farm sales
Another way to get your food from small farmers and smallholders.


vegboxVeg / food box schemes & home deliveries
Get a box of veg (and fruit, eggs, and even meat) delivered weekly from a local farm.


Buying groups / clubs / co-ops
Get together with other people to order dry foods in bulk from wholesale co-ops.


fish4Community-supported fish
Get fish locally that has been delivered from small, family fishing boats.


Community-supported bread
Bringing back baking to the heart of communities.


Independent shops, businesses, co-ops, & partnerships
Support shops in your community that are not corporate branches.


Produce your own
And finally, grow your own fruit and veg, keep chickens or bees, make cheese, bake bread etc.