Household products


Local shops and business, including sole traders and co-ops: see here (it’s about food, but it applies to everything else too).


Find your local John Lewis store here, or shop online. Find your local Co-op store here, and your local Waitrose store here, or shop online.


The British Association of Fair Trade Shops has a listing of member shops all over the UK.


See the Fairmondohousehold consumables‘ section and ‘home & garden‘ section. If you’re an independent producer, join Fairmondo here.


Here are directories of independent providers of natural cleaners, essential oils, candles, baskets, natural paints, pottery, rugs and textiles & fabrics. If you’re an independent producer / supplier, join the Lowimpact directory here.


See here for how to make your own household products, from textiles to cleaning products. If you’re a course provider, join the Lowimpact directory here.