Alternatives to the private car


This includes public transport, muscle power (walking, cycling and animals), but also car sharing – which isn’t exactly an alternative to the private car, it’s an alternative to the private use of a private car. I

What to do

1. Public transport

f we want a sustainable transport system, then the private car has to take the brunt. But ultimately, if we want to move away from an expensive system that causes regular gridlock and damages the environment as well as our health and communities, then it should be cheaper and easier for four people (let alone one) to travel by public transport rather than by car – and we’re a long way from that. So we have to accept that car use should be a bit more expensive / inconvenient to allow public transport, walking and cycling to become cheaper / more convenient. We’re never going to get a sustainable, non-corporate transport system unless we start to change our habits.

2. Car sharing

Help reduce the number of vehicles required by sharing journeys with someone else, either in your car or theirs.

3. Walking and cycling

  • Walking and cycling;
  • Including with your kids to school rather than the car run, or enrol your child in a walking bus group (or organise one if there isn’t one).