Get IT services from co-operatives


Co-operative Technologists (aka CoTech) is a network of co-operatives that sell tech/digital services. It aims to create a better technology sector in the UK that focuses primarily on worker, customer and end-user needs rather than on generating private profit.

The members of the network aim to use their collective experience, skills, resources and knowledge to radically increase the market share of companies that are owned and run by their workers. We have found that this model creates better workplaces, better digital products and better value for customers. We want to help more people to enjoy the benefits of this model.

Each member of the network is a company that is owned and democratically run by it’s workers (and, in some cases, customers). There are no private shareholders who take money out of the company and/or direct the company’s activities. While many of the member co-operatives do not have completely flat structures – many have boards, management committees, etc. – they are all democratic workplaces and the members have the opportunity to appoint people to roles or change the structure of their organisations.

What to do

You can find a range of services on CoTech’s site, from web design, SEO and databases to graphic design, film and hosting.

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