Get your energy from a co-operative


At the moment, there’s only one way to get your energy directly from a co-op, and that’s through Co-op Energy, part of the Midcounties Co-operative – the largest independent co-operative group in the UK. You can get your electricity from them, or gas, or both. Co-op Energy was launched in 2010, and now has over 200,000 members. It is a democratic, one-member-one-vote organisation. More information here.

At some point, it may be possible to purchase electricity directly from a local community energy scheme, but it’s not possible yet (see here). However, Co-op Energy purchases electricity from community energy schemes, and you can choose the type of renewable energy you want (wind, solar, hydro etc.) and from where (see here), so in effect, you can direct your money to community energy schemes.

What to do

Switch to Co-op Energy. It couldn’t be simpler – just sign up online or by phone. You’ll receive a welcome letter, and then after a ‘cooling off’ period to give you time to change your mind, Co-op Energy will contact your current (no pun intended) supplier and do everything for you. They arrange a switchover date – usually 4-6 weeks from signing up. You provide a meter reading on that date, receive a final bill from your previous supplier, and you’re switched to co-operative energy.

Sign up here.