Install renewable energy & utilities systems yourself


DIY is most certainly non-corporate. If you install technology that will help you to save energy and water, and/or to generate / harvest your own – then don’t have to pay the corporate sector for it. This includes energy saving, electricity, heating and cooking, plus water saving, moving and harvesting.

You can either learn how to do these things yourself, or find non-corporate businesses to do it for you. Who knows – as the sector develops, you might be able to start a renewables installation business (see employment section).

What to do

Here is a range of energy / utilities technologies that you can install – from woodstoves or solar electric panels to rainwater harvesting or compost toilets. Each topic has an introduction, with further resources such as books, links, magazines, course providers, product & service providers and relevant articles. You should be able to find information on self-installation, plus directory profiles of companies that can install for you.

Please let us know about any other sources of information, or whether you’d like to be in the directory, for any of the above topics.