Non-corporate investments


Do you have any savings that you might want to put to work to do  useful things / build the non-corporate sector? This might include funding community energy schemes, buying land for smallholding co-operatives, or helping a community to buy a local pub or shop etc. As interest rates are so low, these schemes usually have better rates of return than bank savings accounts.

Click here and here for introductory information and resources on community shares and other non-corporate investments.

What to do

Find a share offer

Below are some listings of open or permanent community share offers. Check on those that interest you for more details and to download their offer document.

Here’s our page specifically about community energy share offers. provide a listing of live community shares offers available in the UK.

The Community Shares Unit of Co-operatives UK provide listings of share offers.

Ethex provide lots of opportunities to invest in community enterprises too.


There have been very few societies that have failed so far as most such schemes are either relatively low risk businesses such as renewable energy installations, or are supported by volunteers, like community shops and pubs. But you need to assess the risks involved in any share issue for yourself. Bear in mind that money invested should be regarded as a longer-term investment, as societies have the right to delay repayment when you want to cash in your shares if they don’t have the cash to hand immediately.

Launch your own share offer

Here’s a step-by-step guide to launching your own community share offer, from the Community Shares Unit of Co-operatives UK, and here’s their Community Shares Handbook, providing more detailed information.