Produce your own


There’s nothing less corporate than DIY, and nothing more satisfying that producing your own food. This could be something as simple as sprouting a few seeds on a windowsill, right up to running your own smallholding. It could start as a hobby, providing small amounts of food for yourself and your family, grow to the point that you could ‘barter’ food locally with neighbours and friends – eggs or honey for lettuces or potatoes – and it could ultimately become your business, providing food for your community (see employment section).

What to do

1. At home

Here is a range of ideas for things to have a go at around food at home – from growing mushrooms or winemaking to sprouting or cheesemaking. Each topic has an introduction, with further resources such as books, links, magazines, course providers, product & service providers and relevant articles.

2. Growing

Here are more ideas around growing food, in the garden or on a smallholding – from fruit & veg growing and composting to soil management, seed saving and tree crops.

3. Animals

And here’s more information about keeping animals without corporate factory-farming – from bees, chickens and ducks to sheep, pigs and cattle.

Please let us know about any other sources of information, or whether you’d like to be in the directory, for any of the above topics.