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Most people prefer non-corporate businesses, but are too busy to switch – which is where you can help. You probably know ten friends, family members or work colleagues who are supportive of the non-corporate sector, but will need a little nudge to change. Sit down with them, help them get their score, and help them switch. When their score starts to come down, they may be enthused to do it themselves, and maybe even persuade others to switch too. Then we can really start to make a difference.

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Can you help us spread the word? Could you add this box (with a link to us) to your blog / home page / social media? You could even make it your profile image. Also, you could blog about us, re-blog or share our articles on social media. If you’re an organisation or business, we’ll add your logo to our supporters list.

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Subscribe for the price of a coffee per month and we’ll use it to maintain & promote the site, and interview key people for the blog. If you’re a non-corporate business, you’ll get a featured Directory profile.

Subscribe for £5 per month and we’ll do more of the above. If you’re a non-corporate business, you’ll get a featured Directory profile, plus an ad on a page of your choice on – like this one.  

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Also, let us know if we’ve missed anything, if something’s changed, if we’ve got something wrong, if you find any broken links, or if you’d like to volunteer. is our sister site, owned and run by the same co-op. covers the ‘DIY’ aspects of non-corporate living. You’ll find information, advice, books, links, magazines and a directory of course and product & service providers in 200+ topics, from natural building, renewable energy installations and craft skills to smallholding, transport and bushcraft.